Design and Program Light Shows From Your Web Browser

    Connect your LEDGloves devices like the Synergy and others to manage files, change settings, and program light shows.

    Your Browser Does Not Support Features Needed to Use the Studio. Please use a Chromium-Based Browser like Chrome, Edge, or Brave to connect and program your devices.

    Look out for our upcoming app for PC, iOS, and Android.
    Create and Design Flashing Patterns
    Edit, organize, and share Flashing Patterns

    In the Studio:

    •  Design your own flashing patterns with different color generators and algorithms.
    •  Upload use Images to create Persistance-of-Vision patterns.
    •  Sync and Pair your devices to enable wireless remote control.
    •  Organize all of your Color Presets, Custom Color Palettes, Images, and Flashing Patterns.
    •  Transfer and share your creations with other flow artists.